A multidimensional musical storytelling experience about humanity and our world

According to our previous symphonic Project „Roots of Revival“ which achieving excellent performance and standing ovations in famous concert halls such as the Brucknerhaus Linz and Vienna Musikverein, we are now expanding our concept which we call „One World Story“.


The first in its kind multidimensional musical storytelling experience “One World Story” is a perfect blend of the classic music elements such as the symphonic orchestra, choir and solo musicians with the contemporary art show supported by newest 3D animation techniques, breathtaking visual effects, enhanced with light show elements tailored specifically for this project. Because this phenomenal multimedia project combines so many musical genres from classical, film music, and world storytelling to game music and contemporary and extraordinary art elements, it is a one-of-a-kind experience that is unique and thrilling top notch experience for audiences of unrestricted age groups. By flawlessly merging all these styles and art elements together, the show offers an exceptional and unprecedented adventure that is guaranteed to capture the audience from the first to the very last second.

With merging different elements, such as Classical, New Age, Hollywood Sound, World Music, Symphonic Orchestra and a large Epic Choral Voices, accompanied by a lighting show, 3D Visualisation and Animation we offer a magnificent new musical experience that bring people from all generations together, regardless of age and gender and cultural background. This way we aim to attract and entertain not only the regular classical music admirers, but also accustom the younger generation to classical music. Our focus is to present classical music from a different angle and thereby inspire wider audiences, while also telling „One World Story”  in a New Era. And this is our goal!


The storyline starts at the dawn of our civilization and follows the development of humanity up until the modern times. If follows the human through its creation, its evolvement through the centuries, when human became creator itself by producing the Art in the many of its forms through times when nature and humankind were existing emerged through each other as one endless motion, inspiring each other to co-create Beauty. The journey follows the development of humanity and the recent rapid technological advancements, which have led to the modern times of interconnected loneliness – we were never so reachable, yet we are out of reach with ourselves and the earth. Indeed humankind has made unthinkable achievements, yet we find ourselves in the middle of a world that has turned on itself – there seems no end to the waves of war, crisis and tragedies. Digital transformation of our society has enlarged the gap between humanity and nature; our reality became a virtual one and needs constant electronic enhancements. We search for places beyond the Earth; we seek refuge in selfish consumption yet by doing so we corrupt  Our Earth beyond the point of no return. We want to upgrade humanity, we create robots and digitalize everything, yet we lose each other in the irreversible plague of extreme human polarization.        

The dramaturgical message of the project for the audience is to hold on for a second, rethink its priorities and reconsider its values, when there is still time left. Only a collective change of mind can reverse the damage done to the world by us – humans. The thrilling journey ends with a call to action and a hopeful sight towards the future…