The new age cinematic world music


"Roots of Revival" has been performed several times in famous halls such as Vienna Musikverein and Bruknerhaus Linz. The performance have achieved standing ovations and highest critical acclaim. The received feedback was absolutely astonishing - regardless of age and gender and cultural background, the audience enjoys the experience to a great extent. As "Roots of Revival" has thereby proven a successful and universal entertainment event, it is now expanding its magnitude and aims to be presented to wider audiences in internationally well-known venues around the world. 

The fascinating combination of world music, refined with cinematic sounds and orchestrated by classical symphonic orchestra and choir, lead the audience to the exciting experience and unique cross-cultural journey.

Performed by renowned musicians and soloists, we offer a magnificent and new musical experience that guarantees an unforgettable concert.

With merging different elements, such as Classical, New Age, Hollywood Sound, World Music, Symphonic Orchestra and a large Epic Choral Voices, we bring people from all generations together. And this is our goal!

Like a Soundtrack,  "Roots of Revival" - without text, without film, but in cinematic grandiosity. Massive rhythms, stomping beats, and instruments from other worlds – the music that is being made here will get under your skin and take you to a different reality.

"Roots of Revival" is a symphonic Epos consisting of 10 parts that are molded with epic choral melodies, pulsating rhythms, thrilling dramaturgy, authentic cinematic sound that is characterized by musical themes that wake deep emotions with a heart-raging mix of tunes of Duduk and the cry of the Zurna.

Composed and produced by talented world music composer Vig Zartman, the symphony brings together renowned musicians from all over the world who bring in virtuosity, diversity and passion. Among them are highly acclaimed young pianist Nareh Arghamanyan, soprano opera diva Liana Aleksanyan. Together they create a monumental mix of different genres and cultures ranging from European symphonic melodies to well-known Hollywood sounds.




Guest: Vig Zartman & Armine Aloyan
Guest: Vig Zartman & Armine Aloyan
Live at Brucknerfest Linz 18.09. 2015 Music by Vig Zartman Conductor: Sergey Smbatyan State Youth Orchestra of Armenia Choir: Art Vocal Ensemble of Armenia Piano: Nareh Arghamanyan Soprano: Liana Aleksanyan Duduk: Emmanuel Hofhannisyan Camera: Claudia Dworschak Cut: Sarah Schnauer
Roots of Revival - Der Soundtrack eines Volkes New Age Cinematic World Music by Vig Zartman